Sophie & Ryan || Southern Highlands Wedding

With guests from as far away as Siberia, Sophie (the doctor) and Ryan (the vet), were married in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW.

This has got to be one of my all time favourite weddings so far! These guys were just that awesome, and so very much in love. I had the pleasure of staying with the girls in their getting ready accommodation, so was made very welcome and a part of all the fun. Most of the time was spent laughing with these awesome close friends. And when Sophie put her dress on – the dress designed by her best friend – the tears started and didn’t completely stop for the rest of the day, she was that happy. It was really sweet!

I can’t really put into words what it was about this wedding that made it so special, but it had to do with the obvious and abundant love that existed, not just between the bride and groom, but their friends and families as well. The whole day was just so relaxed and awesome. It was what a wedding should be.


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