Nalia || family photography Coffs Harbour

From my Facebook page:

“Sometimes you get to share in some really very special moments as a photographer, and yesterday was one of those times.

I first “met” this little one when she was in her mother’s tummy when I did a maternity shoot for her family. The next time I saw her was just after she was born, when I took her newborn photos. Yesterday was just after her first birthday. The sequence of shots below were actually the first time she was able to stand up from the ground herself and start walking! I was there to capture her beginning to walk! Isn’t that just amazing?”

Below are just a few of the very beautiful photos I took at this latest family shoot for the family. Nalia’s family is just gorgeous, and I just love how her home is basically a gallery for her family photos. I can’t wait to see some of these up on her walls!