Alex & Anna || Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne

I have said it before, but to say it again, my favourite thing about weddings is the people. I get to meet such lovely and amazing people in my job. Anna and Alex are no exception. I had an awesome time staying with Anna’s family, who really made me feel at home – I felt like part of the family!

Have you ever met a couple who you just know are best friends as well as lovers? You know, there’s this romantic connection, but also the feeling they are just as comfortable with each other on a date, as they are ribbing each other about their rival football teams. That’s Anna and Alex. Their wedding so perfectly fit them as a couple: the gorgeous and romantic surroundings of
Abbotsford Convent contrasted with the services of the most hilarious celebrant I have seen – a sometimes radio host, dressed in a 70s flared suit, who conducted the ceremony like a comedy or stage show. It was completely unexpected and brilliant!

Anna and Alex 519