Alanah and Alex || Lifestyle family photography Coffs Harbour

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with these very two gorgeous children and their beautiful mum.

Little Alanah is such a bundle of energy! “She hates the camera” said her mum, Lisa. Well, I think I managed to get her to love the camera –   and she was an awesome little muse, I must say! Her handsome little brother also seemed to like to prove his mum wrong – “We’ll have no problem with him sleeping” – yep, famous last words haha! Although he didn’t sleep as much as he usually does (which was probably my loud chatter, I realised afterwards), he was simply the chillest little baby I have ever met! I must admit I was just a little jealous, considering my youngest non-sleeping, non-chilled little one 😉

I had such fun with this one!