Awesome family and wedding photography Coffs Harbour and the world.


Hi, I’m Cass!

I love coffee and dark chocolate.

I love the humidity just before a summer storm – that moment when everything is still and just waiting for the rain to fall.

I take awesome photos.

I always had a camera in my hands, but one of those ordinary “point and shoot” cameras you can buy at the local discount stores. I took hundreds and hundreds of photos. I wanted to catch and freeze life where it was, to make it stand still and always be just that way – just that way it was at that moment. I love life and every experience, good or bad, for what it is. And maybe, just maybe, by documenting it I could freeze it for a little while and then, when I looked at the photos, I could be there again experiencing that day, that moment one more time.

Without the photos I would forget.

Life does that to you – filling your head with plans and bills and work. You forget that time your child first found a shell in the sand and curiously leant down to inspect it; or that stolen glance over to your new spouse on your wedding day with that look, that perfect look of love.

Then I picked up a “real” camera.

I discovered that I could perfectly catch those moments. To capture them with a lifetime of art training stuck firmly in my mind I could get not only the picture of the event  but the emotion, the beauty that is inherit in even the smallest of moments – a gesture, or a look, or a hand placed casually but tenderly on a lover’s waist.

I’d love to share this talent of mine with you. I love nothing more than to document those days, to freeze that time, that moment when people laughed and cried and celebrated one of the most special days in your life. I’ll be there in the background, making sure it is all there for you to look back, remember and smile.

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